Personal Services Income or Personal Services Business

Personal services income (PSI) is income generated primarily on account of an individual’s personal skills, effort or expertise.

Individuals can receive PSI in any industry. We mostly find this in IT consultants, construction workers, engineers and medical practioners.

The key …

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6 steps to build that home loan deposit when you’re your own boss

When you’re self-employed you know only too well, your income can vary each month and that makes saving up for a home pretty tough going. If you really want to show potential lenders you’re a good candidate for a home …

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Unexpected renovation costs that can blow the budget

When it comes to getting the house a refresh, there are many small costs that need consideration. A good credit adviser can help identify the costs and how best to raise funds.

When watching property and renovation shows, the host …

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FinKonsel is about solutions arrived at by understanding client needs and working with customers

VIVEK Perti from FinKonsel started his journey in 1991 as an auditor. The analytical skills helped Vivek obtain the P.G. Diploma in Business Management (MBA) and work with senior management in leading organisa­tions like TATA Steel and SITA World Travel. …

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Does your business have an Exit strategy?

The start to every successful business is making of a Business plan or in other words when to exit. A business plan / exit strategy answers a fundamental question of “ how much money the business owner requires to retire …

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