What Does an Accountant for Business Taxes Do?

accountant for business taxes

When it comes to complying with the laws, rules, and regulations associated with preparing and calculating federal, state, and local taxes, tax accountants are the ones to turn to. From preparing tax returns to filing them, they provide a wide range of tax-related services to both individuals and businesses. They are especially helpful for businesses that need assistance in understanding what the numbers on their financial statements represent and what problems they indicate. 


Having an accountant for business taxes gives business owners and managers the capability to see beyond the numbers on financial statements. Let’s take a closer look at the duties of tax accountants and how they can help businesses. 


A Look into Their Principal Roles and Responsibilities 

Tax accountants are mainly responsible for collecting tax-related information and reporting to taxation authorities at the federal, state, county, and local levels in a timely manner. They are also accountable for advising management on the tax impact of various corporate strategies. Their responsibilities include organising and maintaining records of tax payments. 


From recommending tax strategies that comply with laws and promoting a company’s financial well-being, tax accountants are the ones to trust. They ensure the accuracy of financial records, prepare reports on the company’s profits and losses, and compare budgeting costs to actual business costs to guide management in making an informed decision.  


Here’s an overview of their various roles and responsibilities: 


  • Advising managers on the impact of new laws on tax liabilities; 
  • Devising strategies to defer, if not eliminate, tax payments; 
  • Creating tax data collection systems; 
  • Maintaining the corporate tax database; 
  • Completing required tax reporting within a set timeframe; 
  • Preparing and updating tax provision schedules; 
  • Updating the company’s sales tax database as tax rates change; 
  • Coordinating audits by various taxation authorities; 
  • Researching and correcting errors that caused incorrect tax filings; 
  • Negotiating with authorities over tax payment issues, such as late payments; 
  • Advising management regarding the tax impact of certain corporate strategies; 
  • Coordinating outsourced tax preparation work; 
  • Liaising with internal and external auditors; and 
  • Identifying tax savings in prospective acquisition scenarios. 


How They Help with All Things Finance-Related 

There are many benefits of hiring tax-related services provided by accountants. It’s worth emphasising that accountants have a deep understanding of what the numbers on financial statements represent. With their financial knowledge, they can help entrepreneurs set their businesses up for success.  


In addition to their responsibilities listed above, accountants can also help choose the correct business structure and set up the correct accounting processes when a business first starts. 


In this section, we’ll explore some of the ways that tax professionals help businesses. 


Business Growth 

Accountants can help grow a business, especially those companies that are experiencing growth or trying to achieve growth. They can give business owners insight into cash flow management, business financing, and inventory management. They’re also responsible for creating forecasts and budgets to help guide a business and ensure it is in line with its goals. 


They will also ensure a smooth transition if a company is facing any mergers, acquisitions, or sales of a business. When it comes to business growth, having an accountant for business taxes proves to be a smart investment. Entrepreneurs can ensure the growth of their businesses when they have an accountant working with them. 


Smooth Operations 

By providing monthly preparation and analysis of financial statements, accountants can help businesses with regular operations. With the most up-to-date data and the analysis of a certified accountant, managers can make informed business decisions. They can also oversee payroll and estimate tax payments throughout the year to ensure smooth operations. 


Regulatory and Reporting Compliance 

Apart from ensuring smooth business operations, accountants also make sure that businesses are following government regulations. They make sure that important deadlines are met, including tax filings and submissions. Another way that accountants can be of help is when an audit has to be made. 


They can provide the auditor with the correct company data. The auditing process will go smoothly because the data will be organised and available from the beginning. For regulatory and reporting compliance, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced tax accountant. 


Financial Stability 

When a business’ finances are in order, the management has an accurate view of how much money is coming and going. This also allows the management to create more accurate forecasts for future revenue and expenses. Businesses owners can make sure they have enough cash reserves to float them through any tough times. 


Entrepreneurs can offer their customers a consistent, positive experience when their business has stable finances. There won’t be any need to cut costs and lay off employees unexpectedly because money is tight. By securing a business’ financial stability with the help of accountants, the quality of work won’t suffer. 


Greater Efficiency 

Accountants offer up-to-date financial data about a company. They can help business owners and managers make crucial decisions about the need for and timing of business investments. Whether it involves deciding if new equipment could make the operations faster or if it’s possible to deliver better service to clients, accurate financial data push business owners to strive for greater efficiency. 


When accountants provide financial data about a business, business owners can decide whether it’s the right time to invest more cash in their company. They can assess how these expenses will affect the company’s cash flow. So, if you’re a business owner looking to make your business even more efficient, consult with a seasoned accountant for advice. 


Proper Tax Planning 

With their knowledge of the various tax codes, they can advise individuals and businesses about how to minimise future tax liability and manage financial assets. Business clients can get advice on tax incentives for capital expenditure, employee benefit funding, and energy conservation. As for individual clients, tax accountants can give them advice on contributing to a health savings account or retirement account. 


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