About Us

FinKonsel Accountants is a multi-disciplinary practise providing Business Advisory, Taxation, Credit and Financial Planning advise.

The practice aims to provide a practical, proactive and friendly support and guidance to all our clients. We work with our clients to understand issues affecting our clients and our broad experience enables us to suggest unique customised solutions.

We are specialists in providing services to High Net Worth Individuals. Our services cater to (but are not limited to)

  • General Practioners, Dentists, Dermatologists, Anaesthetists, Radiologists, Surgeons
  • Nurses, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Vets and Optometrists
  • IT professionals
  • Property investors
  • Small business owners especially franchises and cafĂ© and restaurant owners

At FinKonsel Accountants, we are committed to forming close partnerships with our clients, enabling us to understand your unique situation and customise the assistance we provide to suit your requirements. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our hardworking team and the exceptional service we offer. Our enthusiasm for our work means clients get a friendly team of professionals eager to use their skills to help clients succeed.

Our customer service is what sets us apart. Our commitment to our valued customers is

  • We will be easy to do business with
  • You will talk to a real person
  • We will get back to you
  • We will go the extra mile, every time
  • We will listen to what you want
  • We are here to serve you and we will always work to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with our service.

We strive our best to provide comprehensive solutions that are in client interests. These solutions are derived from over 25 years of experience in

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Auditing
  • Business loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Investing in properties, shares, fixed interest financial instruments and managed funds
  • Financial planning

We work with our clients to provide effective professional support in an environment that is complex, highly competitive and ever changing. Please read the Our Services section to see how you may benefit.